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Who We Are & Why We’re The Best At What We Do

jeff brown

Jeff Brown is a 26-year radio broadcast veteran, former co-host of an award-winning and nationally syndicated morning radio show, award winning production director, former national radio station operations director, talent coach, copywriter and host of the wildly successful Read to Lead Podcast. Jeff has also earned the recommendation of some of the top podcasters in the world as the expert for attracting more ears to your content.

jeff brown

John Dennis is the digital marketing aficionado of the pair, having consulted and advised some of the top-producing podcasters in the world on marketing strategy – including John Lee Dumas (host of the award-winning Entrepreneur on Fire podcast) and Jason Van Orden (co-host of the 9-year running Internet Business Mastery podcast). He also hosts the very successful Smart Time Online podcast, which has been featured in Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post and in South Florida Biz Journal.

Between the two of us, we’ve helped dozen’s of podcasts get off the ground and reach a specific target market. On top of our collective experience, we host our own shows… in other words, we’re experienced podcasters who walk the talk

 There Will Never Be a Better Time to Start a Podcast Than Right Now.

In fact, we have the stats to prove it…

According to Edison Research (the leading provider of consumer polling), the number of Americans listening to podcasts monthly
has increased by 25% from 2013 to 2014. There is NO other media category growing this fast.

(30% of the American population = 95.7 million people)

Year Over Year Growth of MONTHLY Podcast Listeners in the U.S.

(2013 to 2014):



Percentage of Smart Phone Users Who Listen to Podcasts/Online Radio ONCE PER DAY or more



 Podcasts Are Poised For Explosive Growth. Let Us Help You Launch Your Own

Here’s How We’ll Do It, And What You Get…

Week 1: Strategy & Goals

During week 1, we’ll hop on a strategy call with you to discuss the following:

Your podcast vision

Your business goals and current marketing efforts

Your podcasting equipment selection

Your overall show format

Pre-launch preparation sequences.

We’ll also discuss things that help iron out your ideal listener profile, audience engagement objectives, a specific and concise call-to-action, iTunes category selection,  show note structure and we’ll even handle your podcasting equipment ordering and delivery if desired.



For a limited time, we’ll include both podcast cover artwork design AND engaging show-specific artwork for your first episode that you can use on your website, show notes page, and social media channels!

Week 2: Design & Format

By week 2, you’ll have received first drafts for artwork and show note structure, optimized directory descriptions, pre-recording checklists, podcast recording how-to videos and PDF walk-throughs, and pointers from an award-winning broadcast veteran.

More specifically, you’ll learn:

 How to prospect and research content ideas that engage and convert your audience

 How to best connect 1-on-1 with your audience using techniques and language patterns that  the pro’s use

 How to record A+ sound quality episodes from the comfort of your home or office (leave the editing and production to us)

 How to sound more natural and conversational

 How to master the art of the interview and make your guests feel immediately at ease, ready to provide their best content

During week two, you’ll also choose your intro and outro voiceover talent from our wide availability of real radio personalities who broadcast for a living (no fiverr-gig “talent” here).

Week 3: Podcast Promotion & Marketing Plan

During week 3, we’ll collaborate to establish a solid launch promotion and marketing plan to effectively reach the following goals:

 Hit the iTunes New & Noteworthy list immediately

 Become syndicated into Stitcher Radio, TuneIn Radio and other big and important apps and directories

Establish a social media launch and promotion strategy to engage any existing followers and reach potential future followers

 Establish an email marketing launch strategy to engage your existing tribe and incentivise brand ambassadors who help spread the word

 Establish an effective funnel strategy to attract listeners into your business and further engage them through the conversion continuum

This week, we’ll also produce your first podcast episode, review it, give valuable feedback and ensure next week, Launch Week, is as successful as it can possibly be.

Week 4: Go For Launch!

Week 4 is when everything ties in and we launch your brand new professional podcast. We’ll discuss and plan for important launch details, such as:

 Ensuring there are no hiccups or interruptions when launching

How to leverage other peoples audiences to grow your own

Tips and strategies for reaching the highest possible New & Noteworthy rankings in multiple categories (not just one)

 How to handle interview requests when other podcast hosts want you on their show

 Gathering feedback for ideas that grow your business

This is the week you’ve been waiting for – the week when you officially become a professional podcast host! Luckily, you’re in good hands! With our expertise and your podcast launch in alignment, you’ll be positioned to stand out in the crowd and lay claim as an influential authority in your marketplace.

This is the week that we’re GO FOR LAUNCH!

Oh, and one more thing …

We will setup, configure and optimize your entire podcast page on your website, including RSS feed, media players,
optimization plugins, social share buttons, a call to action shortcode for all of your show notes pages, and more! Ready?


I’m Ready To Start My Podcast!

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